Research at the Hans-Bredow-Institut

The research perspective of the Hans-Bredow-Institut focuses on media-based public communication, regardless of the individual technical platforms involved. The fact that the research activities are problem-oriented leads to a distinct interest in the “new” media – and it is the Institute’s aim to contribute to their understanding as well as to their future shape. The subject area requires interdisciplinary research, which is why the professional backgrounds of the Institute’s researchers are adequately diverse. The organisational structure of the Institute is based on two main subject areas – the field of Communication Science and the field of Law – where the latter is not only focused on legal matters as such, but also on research concerning regulatory structures. Further, international comparative research is of increasing importance for the Institute. Thus, the Institute is actively involved in several international research networks. The scientific profile of the Hans-Bredow-Institut is shaped by it research programmes, which are conceptualised across disciplines: programme-related research is based on basic research questions that usually cover a period of several years and that are processed by successive in-house and third-party-funded research. Additional to these programmes, the Institute established a "Postdoc-Kolleg" in 2016, where outstanding young researchers at the postdoctoral level from home and abroad work together on innovative topics. In the first phase, the "Postdoc-Kolleg" will focus on the topic of "Algorithmic Public Spheres".



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