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Interdependences between different commercial markets

Interdependences between different commercial markets

Regulation tools for media politics in general, and more specifically for broadcasting regulation include regulations on the legitimacy, range, quantitive placement and the forms of advertisements. Advertising regulations have been established for different objectives. These include concerns arising from youth protection as well as consumer protection or - being one of the focii of the project - the regulation of competition between different advertising media.

Advertising regulations affect the financial basis of broadcasters; accordingly, different market participants act for opposing interests, with the consequence that the regulations are often vehemently controversial.

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Project Description

In the context of discussions regarding a reform of advertising regulations, the Institute conducted an analysis in 2005 of the development of advertising markets in Austria. As a basis for future media politics discussions and concepts, the report addressed the following questions:

  • What factors determine the change of affairs between different sub-segments of advertising markets?
  • How did the Austrian advertising markets react to different advertising regulations of the past years?
  • What international experiences exist?
  • Which conclusions can be drawn that can further develop the advertising market in Austria?

The report concludes that existing advertising regulations on broadcasters in Austria follow the development of the market and require no change in the short term.

Project Information


Duration: 2005-2006

Cooperation Partner

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Research Consultant

Hardy Dreier, M. A.

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