International Radio Research Network (IREN)

International Radio Research Network (IREN)

In comparison to other media, radio enjoys little attention among researchers; it appears that the most-used medium is such a routine accompaniment to the day that there is no need to bother about it. Together with 13 partner organisations from ten European countries, the Institute wants to promote interest in research into radio and to draw more attention to it through the international networking of researchers into radio. At the same time, a basis was to be created for intensifying comparative research into radio.

To this end, an “International Radio Research Network” was founded, which is trying by various means to enliven radio research in Europe: summer schools and international conferences on radio have been organised – in April 2004 in Bordeaux, in 2005 in Seville, in 2006 in Bilbao, Lublin and Brussels. 

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Project Description

In addition to organizing events, a database is being constructed to be searchable online and to provide information about European radio systems as well as about the publications of European researchers into radio. Framework Programme, the partner organisations have applied for funding for a comparative research project under the title “Creativity, Culture, and Democracy: the Role of Radio”. Furthermore, members of the project founded a Radio Research Section in the framework of the European Communication Research and Education Association (ECREA). Funding from the EU for the 6th Framework Programme ran out at the end of 2006. In the 7th Framework Programme, the partner organisations applied for funding for the research project “Creativity, Culture, and Democracy: the Role of Radio”. Even though it received a positive evaluation in 2008, it was announced in February 2009 that the project would not receive funding by the EU.    

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Duration: 2000-2008

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Europäische Kommission, 6. Rahmenprogramm, Coordination Action

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