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BredowCast Episode 59: Das HBI auf der Europäischen Medienkonferenz

BredowCast Episode 59: Das HBI auf der Europäischen Medienkonferenz

The media legal experts Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Schulz and Amélie Heldt report on the EU media conference and explain the complex interaction between science and politics.
For four months, from July to October 2020, our Institute provided scientific support for the EU media conference. The conference series took place in the context of the German EU Council Presidency. The aim was to discuss a legal framework for the European media landscape that is uniform for all member states. Wolfgang Schulz and Amélie Heldt tell in detail about what was discussed during the conference, what results were reached and what emphasis the HBI placed on the scientific support.
Interaction of Science and Politics
It is not always easy for scientists to advice politicians, says Wolfgang Schulz. "The different time frames are already challenging. Politics changes in only very small steps.
In addition, when advising politicians scientifically, one is always confronted with a "power play". "There is probably no general interest of all actors in ensuring that media regulation is coherent and based on facts, instead it is a matter of different positions. Scientific advice can sometimes be useful there; sometimes it can contradict one's own position".

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