Research Reports of the Hans-Bredow-Institut

The Research Reports of the Hans-Bredow-Institut are published every summer. The Reports provide elaborate records of the Institute's past year's work in the fields of research, transfer and service. To view these reports you need to install the Acrobat-Reader. Annual Research Report 2014/2015Research Report 2013/2014 [pdf-file, KB]Research Report 2012/2013 [pdf-file, 954 KB]Research Report 2011/2012 [pdf-file, 706 KB]Research Report 2010/2011 [pdf-file, 792 KB]Research Report 2009/2010 [pdf-file, 533 KB]Research Report 2008/2009 [pdf-file, 672 KB]Research Report 2007/2008 [pdf-file, 556 KB]Research Report 2006/2007 [pdf-file, 575 KB]


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