Dr. Talke Klara Hoppmann

Dr. Talke Klara Hoppmann, M. A., studied Communication Studies and American Studies at the Ruhr-Uniersität Bochum, Universität Hamburg, and, with a Fulbright Scholarship, Temple University in Philadelphia, USA. After working at the Hans-Bredow-Institut as a student assistant for multiple years, mainly on European projects, she became a research assistant when working on the project "Kennzeichnungen verschiedener Werbeformen aus der Sicht der Zuschauer [Characteristics of Different Types of Advertisements from a Viewer's Perspective]". Further, she was an associated researcher from 2006 to 2009 and wrote her thesis on the user perception of EU institutions and communicators. She started working on this project in early 2007, first in Denmark, at the University of Copenhagen, and later in Great Britain at the Jean Monnet European Centre of Excellence at the University of Leeds. Hoppmann's research focuses on the use of media, new media, online communication and political communication as well as the European Union. As of 2009, she works as a User Experience Consultant at Cimex in London.              


Dr. Talke Klara Hoppmann

Associated Researcher

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