Forschungsdatenmanagement und die Herausforderungen des Datenschutzes

"Forschungsdatenmanagement und die Herausforderungen des Datenschutzes [Research Data Management and the Challenges for Data Protection]", participation in a panel discussion by C. Puschmann within the event series "Digitale Lebenswelten: Politik – Medien – Kommunikation [Digital Living Environments: Politics – Media – Communication]" at the University of Hildesheim on 15 January 2019 in Hildesheim.

Die Veranstaltungssreihe „Digitale Lebenswelten: Politik – Medien – Kommunikation" beschäftigt sich mit Manipulation und Deutungskampf in digitalen Medien. The University of Hildesheim invites students, teachers and citizens to the lecture series “Digitale Lebenswelten [Digital Living Environments].” The lectures and discussions of this winter semester will be held under the motto “Achtung: Datenschutz! – Digitaler Wandel und informationelle Selbstbestimmung [Attention: Data Protection! – Digital Change and Informational Self-Determination]” and will address urgent questions and current discussions concerning the topic of data protection. The political scientist Prof. Dr. Wolf J. Schünemann from the Institute of Social Sciences organises the lecture series together with the philologist Prof. Dr. Beatrix Kreß (Institute for Intercultural Communication), the translation scientist Prof. Dr. Bettina Kluge (Institute for Translation Studies and Specialised Communication) and the information scientist Prof. Dr. Joachim Griesbaum
(Institute for Information Science and Natural Language Processing).


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