Reuters Institute Digital News Report 2019: Ergebnisse für Deutschland

Reuters Institute Digital News Report 2019: Ergebnisse für Deutschland

The international report on news usage will be published on 12 June 2019. The findings for Germany were again compiled by the HBI and can then be downloaded as a pdf file. Around 2,000 people per country were interviewed in 2019. In total, the study is based on 75,749 respondents from 38 countries in its eighth repetition.

The technical devices and services that can be used for news consumption continue to differentiate. At the same time, the different options for news usage converge by allowing very different types of services to be used with a single terminal. For the annual Reuters Institute Digital News Report, which the Oxford-based Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism conducted for the first time in 2012, surveys were conducted simultaneously in 38 countries in 2019 to identify general trends as well as national peculiarities. The Leibniz Institute for Media Research | Hans- Bredow-Institut has been responsible for the German part of the study as a cooperation partner since 2013. Thereby it is supported by the state media authorities and the ZDF.
The publications of the series "Working Papers of the HBI" can be downloaded from the Institute's website. A printed version of this issue is available at the publisher for a nominal fee of 20.00 EUR.

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