Medien und Medienpolitik in Schleswig-Holstein

Medien und Medienpolitik in Schleswig-Holstein

In the anthology "Politik und Regieren in Schleswig-Holstein [Politics and Governance in Schleswig-Holstein]", edited by Wilhelm Knelangen and Friedhelm Boyken, Dipl.-Soz. Hermann-Dieter Schröder writes about the design of the media system in Schleswig-Holstein.

In the first part, the organisation and distribution of print media, radio and film in the federal state and beyond - such as the joint establishment of the Norddeutscher Rundfunk of the four northern federal states - are presented. The second part focuses on the economic impact of the media industry by evaluating the employment figures for each sector that is directly and indirectly affected.  The last section deals with the different media-political positions of the national parties as well as the goals and intentions of the ruling Jamaica coalition.
Schröder, H. (2019) Medien und Medienpolitik in Schleswig-Hostein [Media and Media Policy in Schleswig-Holstein]. In: W. Knelangen, F. Boyken (eds.): Politik und Regieren in Schleswig-Holstein [Politics and Governance in Schleswig-Holstein]. Wiesbaden: VS, pp. 241-258
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