Gesundheitsbezogene Apps für Kinder – Ergebnisse des Projekts HealthApps4Kid

Gesundheitsbezogene Apps für Kinder – Ergebnisse des Projekts HealthApps4Kid

Lampert, C.; Voß, M. (2018): Gesundheitsbezogene Apps für Kinder – Ergebnisse des Projekts HealthApps4Kids [Health-Related Apps for Children - Findings of the Project HealthApps4Kids]. Hamburg: Verlag Hans-Bredow-Institut, February 2018 (Working Papers of the Hans-Bredow-Institut, No 43) (pdf).

Which health apps for children are actually available and what are they good for? The study by Dr. Caudia Lampert and Michaela Voss provides a structured overview of the range of health apps in German language for children of primary school age.
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It shows:

  1. The range of health apps for children is limited, but not transparent. In the period from March to August 2017, 29 German-language health-related offers were recorded among the top 100 apps for children. The Google Play and iTunes keyword search identified a total of 66 health-related offers for children.
  2. In terms of content, health apps for children focus on nutrition and dental hygiene. Other topics such as body/anatomy or "healthy behaviour" play a minor role.
  3. "Good" health apps for kids are hard to find. Their quality is difficult to assess due to a lack of transparency (partly incomplete or incorrect information in the app description), but also due to a lack of recognized and binding quality standards.

The issues of the series "Working Papers of the Hans-Bredow-Institut" can be downloaded on the website of the Institute. A printed version of the issue is availabe at the publisher for a nominal charge of EUR 20.


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