Facebook verstößt gegen Impressumspflicht und deutsches Datenschutzrecht

After the decision of the court of appeal in September 2017 (judgement V. 22.9.2017 - 5 U 155/14; BeckRS 2017, 129993) on the ineffectiveness of the data privacy declaration on the Facebook app centre, this judgment is a further step towards legal clarity about the terms of use of social networks. The decision of the regional court could also have a fundamental character with regard to the remuneration of social networks.

Heldt, A. (2018): Facebook verstößt gegen Impressumspflicht und deutsches Datenschutzrecht, Urteilsanm. zu LG Berlin, Urteil v. 16.01.2018 [Facebook Infringes the Obligation to Provide a Legal Notice and the German Data Privacy Laws, Case Notes on LG Berlin, Judgment of 16 January 2018]. In: Multimedia und Recht (MMR) 2018, p. 328.

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