Anonyme Äußerungen im Netz: Der Fall 4chan

Anonyme Äußerungen im Netz: Der Fall 4chan

Anonymity is not only in the public since the Internet. Numerous examples of anonymously published works can be found in the history of literature. On the Internet it is easy to create content undetected or express themselves anonymously. But are anonymous Internet forums, such as 4chan.com, an ideology-free place where the only ideal is unrestricted freedom of expression? How is this idea judged legally? Does the right to freedom of expression apply to anonymous statements? Amélie Pia Heldt provides answers to these questions in the HIIG Science Blog.

Photo by Tom Roberts on Unsplash

Heldt, A. P. (2017): Anonyme Äußerungen im Netz: Der Fall 4chan [Anonymous Remarks on the Internet: The Case 4chan]. In: Science Blog of the HIIG. Website. Berlin: Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society. (online).

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