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Opening hours and information Online search Issuing is possible with a Hamburg student ID or with a personal ID with a Hamburg address Copy facilities available The library of the Hans-Bredow-Institut – one of the most important specialist libraries on the topic of media, media research in North Germany – has today holdings of just on 34,000 volumes. It contains German and foreign-language literature, among other things, on social, legal, pedagogical and economic aspects of radio and television, as well as on the new electronic media. The book holdings are augmented by serials-department with ca. 185 titles, containing German-language and foreign specialist journals, as well as press and information services on the subject-area mentioned. One frequently used rare item is the magazine "Hör zu", which is held from issue 1/1946 onwards. The library is open to the public. Students of the University of Hamburg and of technical colleges are its main users, but other users are from all over Germany. Beyond this, journalists consult literature: editorial desks in the publishing houses located in Hamburg and broadcasting providers use the book holdings for research purposes. There are also a large number of advertising agencies or businesses respectively, who need information on the media branch for their work, as well as law firms taking advantage of the specialised offering of literature in the area of media law. As the entire library catalogue is accessible online, research can also be conducted from outside Hamburg at any time. Here, the comprehensive assessment of specialist journals and of press services as well as individual contributions to collections is a particular service: the journal extracts from "Medien & Kommunikationswissenschaft" ("Media and Communication Studies", or since 1988 from its predecessor, "Rundfunk und Fernsehen" ["Broadcasting and Television"]) have been processed electronically, so that they make available a comprehensive bibliography of articles, which has been added to since 1997 by the inclusion and indexing of the contributions in collections. Currently ca. 50,000 data items are available to users via computer. Information on the loan status of a book as well as on any reserves can also be accessed online. Consultant: Dipl.-Bibl. Jutta Simon , Olga Lévay and Dipl.-Dok. Nina Golon


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