We Congratulate Alina Laura Tiews

We Congratulate Alina Laura Tiews

It is official, she is entitled to call herself a doctor now: We congratulate Dr. Alina Laura Tiews sincerely on earning the doctoral degree and we are very happy for her!

The dissertation "Fluchtpunkt Film" has been published by the Bebra-Verlag:
Tiews, A. L. (2017): Fluchtpunkt Film. Integrationen von Flüchtlingen und Vertriebenen durch den deutschen Nachkriegsfilm 1945–1990 [Refuge on Screen. How Fictional Movies Integrated German Refugees and Expellees, 1945-1990]. Berlin: be.bra Wissenschaft.

and currently on the Shortlist of the Opus Primum Award of the Volkswagen Foundation.


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