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The Higher the Satisfaction with Democracy, the More Positive Is the Perception of Cohesion

The Higher the Satisfaction with Democracy, the More Positive Is the Perception of Cohesion

More than 65 percent of the population in Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia think that the MDR sets topics that are important for society and makes sure that people are not excluded and treated with disrespect. This is one of the results of a representative study conducted by the MDR in cooperation with the HBI during the Corona crisis. Between the 26 March and 17 April 2020, 1,075 people aged 16 and over were interviewed in Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia. According to the study, the majority of those interviewed said that the MDR conveys important values of society and promotes understanding between different generations.

The Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk MDR (Central German Broadcasting Corporation) conducted a study that provides information on the relationship between media use and the perception of social cohesion in the MDR broadcasting area. By doing so, it aims to make an empirically sound contribution to the discussion on the public value of MDR. The HBI advises the responsible project group of the MDR on the development of the methodological procedure, the evaluation of the collected data and the classification of the findings in the state of research.

From the MDR Press Release of 5 July 2020

MDR Director General Prof. Karola Wille: "It is and remains our task to promote cohesion in our pluralistic society as well as a culture of understanding.

Social Interaction in the Region Better Rated than Nationwide

More than half of the respondents assess social cohesion in their respective regions as good. In turn, only one fifth of those interviewed rated cohesion in Germany as good. It is noticeable that people with strong personal social commitment feel that cohesion is better than people with little commitment. Moreover, according to the results, personal assessments of social cohesion are also closely linked to individual satisfaction with democracy as a whole. In short, the higher the satisfaction with democracy, the more positive is the perception of cohesion.

81 percent of the representative respondents stated that they use at least one MDR service on TV, radio or the Internet every day (58 percent) or several times a week (23 percent). This regular MDR audience has a more positive view of social cohesion than people who do not use MDR services, both nationwide and at state and regional levels. People with a high level of social commitment have a much more positive opinion of the MDR with regard to its social tasks than others. People who are satisfied with democracy also judge the MDR much more positively than those who are dissatisfied with democracy.

Sense of Cohesion Has Increased during the Corona Pandemic

In addition, the majority of respondents in the three federal states believe that social cohesion has even increased during the corona pandemic. The people who were interviewed feel that they were well informed by the MDR: 80 percent of those who have accessed the MDR corona services say: "The MDR always keeps me up to date with regard to the corona epidemic.” 75 percent praise the background information during this time.  

75 percent of the respondents who have used the MDR services feel very well or well informed by the MDR during the survey period. The best ratings were given to the MDR radio services by 81 percent of the respondents, followed by the MDR Internet services with 71 percent. The MDR television services were rated as good by 67 percent of respondents.

Further information and press contact at the MDR:

Press and information, Bianca Hopp, Tel.: (0341) 3 00 64 32, E-Mail: presse@mdr.de, Twitter: @MDR press

Photo by Melissa Askew on Unsplash


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