Represented With 5 Panels and 4 Presentations at the ICA 2018

Represented With 5 Panels and 4 Presentations at the ICA 2018

In five panels and with four further presentations, members of the Hans-Bredow-Institut will be able to present their research at the annual conference of the International Communications Association ICA 2018 in Prague. Only 37.4% of all lecture and panel proposals had been accepted.

Panels with Participation of the Hans-Bredow-Institut

DPuK Panel "Opening the Black Box: Investigating the Algorithmization of Journalism"

Julius Reimer from the Hans-Bredow-Institut & colleagues were chosen to present their research on "Opening the Black Box: Investigating the Algorithmization of Journalism" at the annual conference of the International Communications Association (ICA) 2018 in Prague in the panel for excellent German communication research, organised by the German Communication Association (DGPuK). In order to present the German communication studies to the international community as excellent as possible, the German Communication Association (DGPuK) selects particularly interesting research projects to present them at the ICA. more
  • Four Forms of Algorithmized Journalism and Regulatory Implications (Stephan Dreyer, Amélie Heldt & Wiebke Loosen, all Hans Bredow Institute for Media Research, Hamburg)
  • The Influence of Algorithmic vs Qualitative Audience Feedback on Journalists’ Work (Julius Reimer, Hans Bredow Institute for Media Research, Hamburg, Folker Hanusch, University of Vienna, Edson Tandoc Jr., Nanyang Technological University Singapore)
  • User Preferences and Concerns Regarding Editor vs Algorithm Based News Selection (Sascha Hoelig & Lisa Merten, both Hans Bredow Institute for Media Research, Hamburg)
  • Opening the Black Box: Demystifying News Automation (Carl-Gustav Lindén & Hannu Toivonen, both University of Helsinki)

Panel "The Internet of Toys: Practices, Affordances and the Political Economy of Children’s Play"

The panel, submitted by Giovanna Masceroni et al., consists of the following topics and participants:

  • Asking Today the Crucial Questions of Tomorrow: The Case of Children and Social Robots (Jochen Peter, Rinaldo Kuehne, & Alex Barco Martelo)
  • Postdigitality in Children’s Crossmedia Play: A Case Study of Nintendo’s Amiibo Figurines (Bjorn Nansen)
  • IoToys, Datafied Childhoods and Surveillance Capitalism (Giovanna Mascheroni & Donell Holloway)
  • Smart Toys: Regulating Implications for Children’s Privacy and Well-Being (Tijana Milosevic & Elisabeth Staksrud)
  • Smart Toys in Public Discourse: A Case Study of Germany and Austria (Christine W. Trültzsch-Wijnen & Claudia Lampert)

Panel "Personalization, Politics and Policy: Cross-National Perspectives"


  • Grant Blank, Oxford Internet Institute
  • Elizabeth Dubois, University of Ottawa
  • William Dutton, Quello Center, Michigan State University
  • Laleah Fernandez, Quello Center, Michigan State University
  • Cornelius Puschmann, Hans Bredow Institute for Media Research, Hamburg
  • Bianca C. Reisdorf, Quello Center, Michigan State University

Panel "Measuring Diversity in Algorithmically Personalized News Environments"

In the division "Computational Methods". Including contributions by Cornelius Puschmann, Sascha Hölig, Lisa Merten, Juhi Kulshretha, Judith Möller, Damian Trilling and Pascal Jürgens

Panel "Measuring Change and Changing the Measurement: EU Kids Online Project in Search of Children's Rights"

The Panel in the division "Children, Adolescents and the Media" ist organized by Tijana Milosevic, University of Oslo. Chair: Uwe Hasebrink, Hans-Bredow-Institut
  • "From the European to the global: methodological challenges of researching children’s rights in the digital age" (Sonia Livingstone und Mariya Stoilova, London School of Economics)
  • "Comparative survey findings and questionnaire development: Design, sampling, translation issues and other challenges" (Elisabeth Staksrud, University of Oslo; Kjartan Olafsson, University of Akureyri; David Smahel, Masaryk University, Brno)
  • "Measuring Cyberhate" (Catherine Blaya, L'Université Nice Sophia Antipolis UNS)
  • "Internet of Things: Use, Attitudes and Privacy Implications" (Tijana Milosevic, University of Oslo; Giovanna Mascheroni, Universita Cattolica of Milan)

Individual Presentations

  • Uwe Hasebrink: Repertoires of Public Connection: A Conceptual Approach to Investigating the Re-Figuration of Publics
  • Andreas Hepp & Wiebke Loosen: Makers’ of a Future Journalism? The Role of ‘Pioneer Journalists’ and ‘Pioneer Communities’ in Transforming Journalism
  • Claudia Lampert, Michael Grimm & Stefanie Wahl: (Un)certainly Positive: The Portrayal of Complementary and Alternative Medicine in German Cancer Patient Magazines (Health Communication Division)
  • Michael Grimm: Visual Narratives on Illness, Healing, and Health (Visual Communication Studies Division)


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