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Podcast "Wahlkabine" [Voting Booth] of the BpB with Jan-Hinrik Schmidt

Podcast "Wahlkabine" [Voting Booth] of the BpB with Jan-Hinrik Schmidt

What role do social media play for how voters inform themselves? How do social bots and fake news change election campaigns? How do they influence political opinion formation? The host Martin Fuchs and the two media researchers Jasmin Siri and Jan-Hinrik Schmidt discuss the digital world of the election campaign in the postcast Wahlkabine [Voting Booth] of the Federal Agency for Civic Education (BpB) on the Bundestagswahl [German federal parliamentary elections] 2017.

In each episode, the host Martin Fuchs asks one or more experts to discuss with him central aspects of elections and the Bundestagswahl 2017. The topics include the current electoral law and possible electoral reforms, the meaning of election polls, the current election campaign and the most important election issues but also possible effects of fake news and social bots on the results of the elections.

In episode 6, Martin Fuchs talks with his interview partners, the media researchers Jasmin Siri und Jan-Hinrik Schmidt, about terms like fake news and social bots.

Podcast (in German)


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