Hans-Bredow-Institut at ICA 2017 in San Diego

Hans-Bredow-Institut at ICA 2017 in San Diego

With ten lectures and presentations, the Hans Bredow Institute is represented on the annual conference of the International Communications Association at the University of California, San Diego, CA, from 25 to 29 May 2017. Seven staff members of the institute were invited to present their research results at the international conference: Michael Grimm, Dr. Sascha Hölig, PD Dr. Wiebke Loosen, Lisa Merten, Dr. Cornelius Puschmann, Julius Reimer and Lies van Roessel.

Sascha Hölig

“'The Voice of the People' – Do Tweets Represent the Opinion of Ordinary Citizens?", Vortrag von Sascha Hölig auf der Preconference "Ordinary Citizens in the News" am 25. Mai 2017, Hilton San Diego Bayfront, 4, Sapphire 410A

Cornelius Puschmann

"Preconference: Comments, Anyone? Multidisciplinary Approaches for Analyzing Online User Comments Across News and Other Content Formats",  Cornelius Puschmann (abstract)

"Applications of Topic Modeling in Communication Research: Potentials and Pitfalls", Cornelius Puschmann  (abstract)

"Do People Make Good Bots Bad?", Cornelius Puschmann (abstract)

"Cultural Metric", Cornelius Puschmann  (abstract)

Julius Reimer / Wiebke Loosen / Lisa Merten / Lies van Roessel

"Making Sense of User Comments. Identifying Journalists’ Requirements for a Software Framework", Wiebke Loosen, Marlo Häring, Zijad Kurtanović, Lisa Merten, Julius Reimer, Lies van Roessel & Walid Maalej (abstract)

"Mining Data, Refining Journalism? Data Journalism’s Development and Critical Potential", Julius Reimer and Wiebke Loosen (abstract)

Michael Grimm

"Dealing with stories of medical uncertainty: Audiovisual narratives on complementary and alternative medicine in the context of cancer" Preconference-Website

"Right information, right time: The information behavior of cancer patients in the course of disease", M. Grimm & S. Wahl (abstract)

Lies van Roessel

"Navigating the grey area: Developers' views on imitation and inspiration in the games sector", L. van Roessel and Christian Katzenbach  (abstract)

Lisa Merten

"Contextualised Network Maps: A Qualitative Approach Exploring the Role of Social Networking Sites in News-Related Media Repertoires",  L. Merten (abstract)


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