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November 2019

Medienrecht unter neuen Herausforderungen

At an event of the German Foundation for International Legal Cooperation (IRZ) in Tbilisi, Georgia, Amélie Pia Heldt gives a lecture on "Schutz der Meinungsfreiheit auf Social-Media-Plattformen – Verfassungsrechtliche Analyse und Ansätze des Gesetzgebers und der Gerichte [Protection of Freedom of Expression on Social Media Platforms - Constitutional Analysis and Approaches of the Legislator and the Courts]" with a view to combating hate speech on the Internet and the duties of providers of social networks.
In addition, the participants from Germany are also involved:
  • Prof. Dr. iur. Hannes Rösler, LL.M. (Harvard), Professor of Civil Law, Private International Law and Comparative Law, Director of the Institute for Media and Communication Law (IMKR) University of Siegen;
  • Dr. Jörg Ukrow, Deputy Director of the Saarland Media Authority and Managing Director of the Institute for European Media Law (EMR);
  • The former director of the Medienanstalt and the newly elected mayor of Saarbrücken, Uwe Conradt, will join in from Saarbrücken. 
IRZ has been advising partner states on reforming their legal and judicial systems for over 25 years on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Justice and Consumer Protection and through project-related funding from the Federal Foreign Office. IRZ currently cooperates with institutions in over 30 countries in Eastern Europe, Central Asia and North Africa. Comprehensive information on the activities of the German Foundation for International Legal Cooperation can be found on the website of the irz.
As part of a media project sponsored by the Federal Foreign Office, IRZ is planning to hold several events in Tbilisi (Georgia) on current issues of media law. The aim of the project is to strengthen pluralism in Georgia. Therefore, the focus should be on measures that build a resilience of society against unreliable and false information by strengthening and qualifying media actors and improving access to high-quality and pluralistic media offerings.

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Dr. Amélie Pia Hennemann-Heldt, Maître en droit
Associated Researcher Power of Opinion & Digital Media

Dr. Amélie Pia Hennemann-Heldt, Maître en droit

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