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Oktober 2020

Going Solo? Sense and Sensibility of National Platform Laws in Light of the DSA Drafting Process

In this seminar, PD Dr. Kettemann compares the German, failed French and proposed Austrian platform laws with what we know about the EU Digital Services Act and asks whether there are any conflicts on the horizon.​

As the discussion on EU platform legislation drags on, three European countries - Germany, France and Austria – have passed (or drafted) their own platform laws. While the French Loi Avia was declared unconstitutional, the
German NetzDG proved to be an export success, not unlike the GDPR. It even got an update to be signed into law later this year. Now Austria has launched its Communications Platforms Law. Are these national solo efforts counterproductive? Are they taking the acquis communautaire into account? Are the laws conceived as providing national solutions to national problems or rather as interim until the regulatory deficit at European level is remedied?
15:00 – 16:00 (CET)
This seminar takes place online. You can register here.

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Contact person

Prof. Dr. Matthias C. Kettemann, LL.M. (Harvard)
Senior Researcher "Regulatory Structures and the Emergence of Rules in Online Spaces"

Prof. Dr. Matthias C. Kettemann, LL.M. (Harvard)

Leibniz-Institut für Medienforschung | Hans-Bredow-Institut (HBI)
Rothenbaumchaussee 36
20148 Hamburg

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