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September 2023

Gesellschaftlicher Zusammenhalt als globaler Leitbegriff

This year's annual conference of the Research Institute Social Cohesion (FGZ) explores the question of how social cohesion and its discursive production vary historically and regionally.

With the conference, the FGZ is taking stock after three years of research and has invited contributions that put the differences in the way social cohesion is understood and practised at the centre of the debate. Based on this, it will be discussed why so many different interpretations gather under the one basic social concept. Which current transformations of regional and national, transnational, or transregional scope are addressed by this? And how do actors within societies and between societies come to an agreement on what their societal cohesion should look like?

A second focus is on the dialogue with actors from politics and civil society to discuss expectations of the FGZ's work and thus to sharpen objectives for further development in this area. This exchange will take place in the form of a panel discussion with representatives of the FGZ Practice Council.

Programme brochure as PDF

Further information on the conference programme and registration can be found here.

The HBI is involved in five projects at the FGZ section in Hamburg. More information can be found here.

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