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März 2024

Frauen und KI – Diskriminierungsfalle oder feministischer Aufschwung

Prior to International Women's Day (8 March), Katharina Mosene will take part in a panel discussion on the risks and potential of artificial intelligence from a feminist perspective.
Participants in the discussion are
  •     Barbara Herbst (CEO of en.AI.ble),
  •     Andreas Kraus (co-founder of feminist AI and enableYou),
  •     Katharina Mosene (political scientist and co-author of "Wenn KI, dann feministisch" [If AI, Then It Should Be Feminist]),
  •     Carina Zehetmaier (founder of Women in AI Austria).
Moderation: Katharina Schell (Deputy Editor-in-Chief of APA - Austria Press Agency).
The event will take place in the plenary hall of the Austrian National Council on the initiative of the Second President of the National Council Doris Bures.
About the Event
On the occasion of International Women's Day, the Second President of the National Council Doris Bures invites you to the event "Frauen und KI – Diskriminierungsfalle oder feministischer Aufschwung" [Women and AI - Discrimination Trap or Feminist Upswing]. At present, AI technologies are already having a significant impact on various areas of life, from business and politics to personal interaction. This makes it even more crucial to analyze AI from a feminist perspective to ensure that artificial intelligence does not reinforce gender inequalities and have a negative impact on our society.
Two keynotes by Sabine Köszegi and Ingrid Brodnig will raise awareness of gender aspects in AI algorithms and show how certain models or data sets can have unequal effects on the sexes or even consciously counteract them. The panel discussion with AI experts from Austria and Germany, moderated by APA deputy editor-in-chief Katharina Schell, will present a variety of other perspectives on gender and AI. The focus will be on the question of what role AI can play in realizing the vision of a society in which all members receive equal opportunities and rights regardless of gender, origin, or other characteristics.
(Hamburg, 4 March 2024)

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