Juli 2018

Automatische Inhaltsanalysen für systematische Forschungsübersichten

Jun.-Prof. Dr. Emese Domahidi of the Ilmenau University of Technology will visit the Hans-Bredow-Institut on 18 July 2018. She will give a presentation on the use of automatic content analysis for systematic research reviews.
The growing and thus increasingly confusing publication landscape, as well as recently raised questions about the importance and replicability of individual studies, make research overviews more urgent than ever. Only they can offer scientists a qualified overview of a research field, systematise approaches and statistical effects across different studies, and define future research directions. At the same time, however, this development makes the systematic research reviews involving a high amount of time and monetary more difficult.
Methods of automatic content analysis can take over partial steps in the creation of systematic research overviews or at least make them more efficient. Despite their potential, however, such methods are still rarely used, including communication science. The presentation will give an overview of the possibilities of automated text analysis for systematic research overviews and evaluate what procedures are suitable for which phase in the research process and what advantages and disadvantages arise.

About Dr. Domahidi 
Dr. Emese Domahidi is junior professor at the Department of Economic Sciences and Media at Ilmenau University of Technology. She focuses on the communication science analysis of digital media content and communication processes as well as the relevant social changes associated with it. Her main foci are particularly in the areas of information search in digital media, (cognitive) distortions in the reception of digital media content as well as social consequences of digital media use. In addition to classical methods of communication science, Emese Domahidi deals with the application, further development and evaluation of methods of computer science regarding issues of communication science.

10:00 a.m.

If you are interested in participating, please register by e-mail to Christiane Matzen.

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