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September 2021

Harbour Cities: Media in Urban and Regional Histories

Im Rahmen der Australian Media Traditions Conference beteiligt sich Dr. Hans-Ulrich Wagner an dem Panel Harbour Cities: Media in Urban and Regional Histories. Das Panel beginnt aufgrund der Zeitverschiebung bereits um 7.15 Uhr (MEZ). 

Die Beiträge des Panels basieren auf dem Projekt "Transnationale Mediengeschichte", einem deutsch-australischen Partnerschafts- und Kooperationsprojekt mit dem Centre for Media History der Macquarie University in Sydney. Die Beteiligten des Panels beziehen sich in ihren Vorträgen auf die Blogserie Space and Culture.

Mehr Informationen zur Australian Media Traditions Conference gibt es hier

Das Book of Abstracts als PDF

Über das Panel 

This panel reflects on the crucial role of media in creating place and region. As editors of an innovative publishing project via an online portal, we have recently curated an interlinked series of essays on ‘harbour cities’. The series is part of ‘Transnational Media Histories’, an international network project between the Centre for Media History, Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia, the Research Centre Media History, Hamburg University and Leibniz-Institute for Media Research | Hans-Bredow-Institute, Hamburg, Germany and the Centre for Information and Communication Studies, Fudan University, Shanghai, China. Shanghai, Sydney and Hamburg share situated histories as major maritime transport hubs and also incorporate key communication infrastructures which articulate and cut across regions.

Each of the essays explores an archival document from the twentieth century as a ‘media text’ or ‘media object’. By looking at these media artefacts, each researcher asks what they tell us about the mediated representation, the cultural texture and the habitus of the city during a specific time period. Looking at these objects both individually and as part of a series therefore opens windows onto moments that represent major shifts in local understandings of place and time. As media scholars, each author uses media-historical methods to open a dialogue with the present: what do these objects tell us about how we use media to understand our place in the world now? This series thus investigate the dynamics of place, communication and media in each of these cities.

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Dr. Hans-Ulrich Wagner
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