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How do children and young people in Europe use the Internet, which risks do they encounter and how do they deal with these? What are the commonalities and differences between individual countries? How can safe and competent use of online media be supported? The project EU Kids Online deals with these questions. In 2006, the European Commission accepted the project, which is now in its fourth phase, in the context of the Safer Internet Plus Programme. 25 European states take part in the research project. Sonia Livingstone and Leslie Haddon from the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) coordinate the network.
The project is divided in various sub-projects:

  • EU Kids Online I (2006-2009): The first stage focused on an inventory of Europe-wide available data on online usage of children. It further concerned questions of methodology, the demands of internationally comparative research etc. In the last analysis, recommendations for action in future research projects and measures for dealing safely with the Internet and other online services were to be worked out on this basis. The results of the three-year project, which were presented in London on 10 June 2009, provide an overview on the status of available data, as well as on the urgent need for research and action.
  • EU Kids Online II (2009-2011): During the second project stage a representative survey was conducted in 25 European countries, in each case among 1,000 children between age 9 and 17 as well as one parent at a time were interviewed. This gives some indication of the opportunities and risks related to online usage and also allows for the verification of hypotheses, which have come up during the first project, but due to the present database could not yet be examined.
  • EU Kids Online III (2011-2014): In the third project phase the database with surveys on the online usage of children in Europe will be updated and extended, on the other hand data from the Europe-wide representative survey will be evaluated more deeply. In addition, qualititative interviews will be executed in selected coutries on the risk understanding of children. Uwe Hasebrink coordinated the deepening analysis of quantitative data in this project phase.
  • EU Kids Online IV (since 2014):

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