British Broadsheets’ Editorial Coverage of the First Gaza War

Gastvortrag von Dr. David Kaposi, Psychologe an der Open University in Milton Keynes, UK, in englischer Sprache, organisiert von der Graduate School Media and Communication und dem Hans-Bredow-Institut, am Dienstag, den 23.6., 13-15 Uhr im Hans-Bredow-Institut.

GMaC in cooperation with Hans-Bredow-Institut organises a workshop with a guest speaker Dr. David Kaposi. His presentation will focus on ‘The British broadsheets’ editorial coverage of the first Gaza war’. He will focus on strategies of decontextualization and (failed) contextualization.

In his recent book, Kaposi (2014) reveals British newspapers’ failure to represent the 2008-9 Gaza war in a critically reflected and intellectually stimulating way. David Kaposi argues that the newspapers sacralized the conflict and created rigid dichotomies of innocence and blame. This simplistic and reductive presentation prevents any deeper understanding of the issues and dialogue between different ideological positions. He calls for a different type of public discourse which moves from a black and white picture to the acknowledgment of different shades of grey.